8 Tips To Hide The Smell Of Weed

Cannabis is one of the most beautiful, strong and dank smells there is. When you're walking down the street and you get a whiff, it gives you a special feeling inside you can’t quite describe. There are some times that the aroma of weed is uncalled for. Such as dropping your kids off at school or going to visit your granny.

We came up with these 8 tips to keep you fresh before, during and after your smoke session. 

1. Cover Up!

After a dank session, give you're self a quick spritz of perfume or cologne. We recommend using essential oils such as; spearmint, hibiscus, citronella or marigold. These all work great.

2. Fresh Air!

Get outside and air yourself out! A well ventilated area works best. Let your hair down and walk around for a while. This won't eliminate the smell completely but it will definitely help the dankness!

3. Smell-Proof Bags!

A smell proof bag is a must have when traveling with cannabis. There are some amazing options, even some that double as a stash spot!

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4. Method Of Consumption!

The amount of smell usually depends on the method you choose. Obviously edibles would be the best choice if you are concerned with the marijuana smell giving you away. Going with a one-hitter, or vape-pen instead of a joint will eliminate the constant smoke engulfing your location and sticking to your clothes, and both are very easy to conceal.


5. Air Filters!

We've come a long way since toilet paper rolls and dryer sheets. Now a days personal air filters are super easy to find and affordable. 

6. Location!

Smoking outdoors vs indoors will decrease the smell. Air flow and breezes help circulate the air. Opening the windows, and turning on fans works great, but going outside always works best. Hot boxing is a no no if you’re worried about the smell.

7. Cover Up!

You're high, lets cover that shit up! Chew gum, minty works best to cover the weed smell. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. Spray yourself. Use lotion if you have some on hand. 


8. Plan Your Sesh!

Shit happens! We can't always plan our sessions but when you can, plan! Make sure you have a safe location, the proper tools and deodorizing products on hand. 

If you know any more awesome ways to mask the smell of cannabis tweet us and we'll share! @shopstaywild 



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