10 Beautiful Bongs for Women

Stroll into any local smoke shop or do a quick google search for bongs and you'll see quickly that the cannabis industry doesn't cater to the ladies much. Being long time "stoner queens", the sight of boring bongs made us cringe so we compiled a list of the most beautiful bongs and where to get them! Enjoy and stay high.

1. The Geode Bong

This gorgeous glass is embellished with semi-precious stones and 14k gold chains. Get it here.


2. The "Baked Barbie" Glitter Bong

So much girly glittery goodness, I could just scream! Get it here.


3. The "Calm The Fuck Down" Bong

Because we all need a little reminder from time to time! Get it in blue or pink here.


4. The "Coco" Bong

Glam to the max! This bong is embellished with hot pink pearls. Get it here. 


5. The "Queen Bee" Bong

This classy 10 inch bong is fit for a queen. Its covered in golden honey combs and bees! Get it here.


6. The "Sweet Cheeks" Bong

This sweet lil treat is covered in Swarovski crystals and yummy candies! Get it here. 


7. Skull Bong

Super bad ass! This glass skull bong is a pretty piece. Get it here. 


8. The "Balien" Bong

Take me to your dealer! This bong is far out. Get it here. 


9. The "Bong + DIY Sticker" Set

Perfect for the DIY stoner queens. This set comes with a blank bong and a waterproof sticker sheet! Get it here. 


10.  The "Cheetah" Bong

This 10 inch glass bong is chic and wild. Get it here

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